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New Year Challenge 1.2.18

Good morning. I am shaking off the fog of the holidays and now some sickness in our home to start the new year. Joy!

For today, I wanted to share some links I’ve collected over the past couple weeks. As always, I hope these challenge you:

Christmas Story

What do you believe about the Christmas story? You answer is very important.

Question: Do you not believe any of the four major aspects? Why?

I Didn’t Mean To Be Racist

Often we hear this in an apology for misguided words, but if we stop here we leave out an important point.

Question: What did you think about the author’s challenge?

About Race and Churches

I’m always open to learning about these dynamics. They challenge me greatly.

Question: What did you learn about churches, division, and diversity?

American and Extreme Poverty

This article is not for the faint of heart, as it details the existence of extreme poverty in the richest nation on earth. I challenge you to challenge yourself by reading it.

Question: How do you react to this type of poverty?

For the New Year:

Mental Health Resolutions

Bible Reading Plans

Don’t Be Yourself

Question: How and why do you desire change for 2018?

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