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Monday Links and Bullets

A bit rushed here.  Links for today:


–A good, quick read which outlines the differences between Catholics and Protestants.


The top 10 searched Bible verses.

–ALERT: This is a great read.  Is Jesus a King without a kingdom?

–Another good one.  Fifty fruits of pride – read at your own risk.


Another Apple game changer?

Here’s a decent story from a show I don’t watch much anymore.


  • I am totally unprepared to deal with tech support for more than 30 minutes.  It has been a frustrating day, now over 2 hours total, and a lot of time wasted.  I HATE wasted time, and I am really struggling with my attitude toward people who do tech support that can’t speak English very well.  Prayers accepted!
  • That said, I got to experience a great weekend away from things.  Between a retreat, some extra time with family, and a personal growth experience, it’s been very nice – my frustrations from today are NOT going to wreck the good time I had.
  • Here’s my piece of advice for the week:  it really does work when you confront problems head on.  We waste a lot of time talking about things without actually acting to make the problems better.  If we’d spend half the time acting, things would work better, our relationships would be healthier, and our witness of love would shine much brighter.
  • Just thinking out loud: it seems like God has laid it on our hearts to care for kids.  A dream would be to add on some room to our house to make room for more kids.  Since we’re not flush with cash, guess we better start praying about that one!!
  • I’m praying hard for wisdom and spiritual growth.  Personally, I want to know and experience depths of my faith that I haven’t experienced.  I want to be challenged, and learn, and make the most of my time as I serve.  I don’t want to just know my faith, I want to share it and live it.  I want the same for those I lead.

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