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Monday Links and Bullets – 9.5.11

Anyone else having a hard time believing it’s September already?  Is it really Labor Day?  Hopefully these links will get you thinking. Bullet thoughts below!


–Are you bored?  Read this – then stop it.


–Some good thoughts on giving.

Where do you turn when you’re in trouble?  This is a simple, to the point reminder.

–The Wall Street Journal has an article about church attendance – not as bad as you think.


The legacy of dust.

Remembering 9/11 – a good article from World Magazine.


A famous Bryan Adams song and Nepal – in 2011.  What a great little video for an 80’s fan to watch.

–Why the government should stop AT&T’s merger with T-Mobile.

–Who knows where Nigeria is?  And does anyone care that there were massive floods there?


  • It truly is a good day off.  Looking forward to a little extra rest.
  • Looks like Detroit is going to run away with the Central.
  • I believe Genesis matters.
  • Cooler this morning, but still a bit muggy.  Better running weather, that’s for sure.
  • Ready to run another race this fall.  Still deciding what one!
  • I am very excited to get into the Gospel of Mark series with our church.
  • It is a really active time with our children.  School has started and our foster daughter (just over a year old) is starting to crawl and explore.  There is a lot of new activity and things to see each of them experience. Fun fun!
  • Christian brothers and sisters – Do we make decisions based on our love for Jesus Christ?  Real discipleship helps us to think that way.
  • I’ve been thinking about putting together my top five thoughts on parenting.  Then I realize it seems hypocritical to share thoughts when your own kids aren’t the best at times.
  • I am truly praying for many many people I know – that God will simply be at work in our lives.  I desire the very best for people I know, so I pray for it often.


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