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Monday Links and Bullets 9.19.11

Another Monday.  Enjoy the reading.


What teachers want to tell parents.


Pat Robertson is completely outside basic Bible teaching.  It’s important to know why and how to speak out.

What makes faith stick during the college years?

A great set of thoughts about taxes.

It’s important to learn to think this way.

–Here’s an excellent article about homeschooling.  It summarizes potential blind spots.  I read this with curiosity, not judgment.

–Excellent read for dads of daughters.


  • Definitely a difficult week last week, but a good one all in all.  I praise God for the opportunity to do what I do for a living.  It really is a way of life way more than a job.
  • What do you expect of marriage?  If it was meant to be happy bliss all the time, then words like “poorer, sickness, worse, and death” would not appear in the vows.  It’s important to note this is not based on anything currently going on, I just mean it as a challenge to think through.
  • Still adjusting to the way the Browns are playing football.  It will be interesting to see how this team responds by the end of the season when their tough games hit.
  • Do churches promote the love of Jesus more than they promote the characteristics he called us to?  I think it’s important we know how to simply love Jesus as well as know how to live.
  • Do you respect authority?  I fear that a lot of our problems in society are because 1) people don’t respect the authority in their lives or 2) authority is misused.
  • I probably won’t discuss this too much, but I’ll just say this:  the fight in Ohio over Issue 2 will be ugly and probably not worth the hatred and division it causes.  This sort of thing really grieves me – seriously.
  • What brings you joy?  What do you have in your life right now, today, that you can celebrate?
  • Christian – are you prepared to share hard truths as part of your faith?
  • Love Jesus today – love Him big time!

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