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Monday Links and Bullets 9.16.12

Here is a great bunch of articles to look at, and a few of my own thoughts about life below.  Have a great Monday, and be challenged!


–You may be curious about Mormonism in light of the Bible.  Mitt Romney is a Mormon and so are several other prominent people.  Here is a good article that helps answer some questions, and how to share the truth with Mormons.


–Here’s a real nice piece on God’s fatherhood.

–Take a quick look at this infographic about pornography. It shows some very interesting stats.

–HOW TO HANDLE THE UNKNOWN: Some specific Scriptures about anxiety, “Is God inefficient?”, and how to see God when you think time is being wasted.

–Parents or grandparents of young children: here is a GREAT gift idea that lines up with something I’m passionate about.  Disclaimer: I’ve not seen these, but if they’re anywhere close (and the source would suggest they are), they will help kids understand the whole Bible rather than just stories. I think it’s very important kids have a faith that can answer tough questions and these look like they’re a great start.


  • God is always moving, even when you feel like you aren’t.
  • I am excited about the idea of individual Christians helping other individuals grow in their faith.  Go.  Make disciples!
  • Why am I so passionate in my dislike of single cup coffee makers? Weird . . . maybe I should just let it go.
  • Ever have a great time just knowing that someone else was having a great time? It’s a rush.
  • Found a practical way to meet a need this week  in a situation where I’ve been struggling to find a practical way to help.
  • I could take an entire week and do nothing but call, visit, and encourage people who are struggling.
  • Derek Jeter is probably not the AL MVP, but he should at least be in the conversation.  What a year he is having.  By the way, I still think the Yankees can and will win the AL East.  I may feel differently next Monday, but for now I think they will win it.
  • I had a great time at our Fall Fellowship picnic yesterday.  What a great time to simply interact with friends and enjoy the beautiful weather.
  • I am getting excited for our missions conference coming up the weekend of 10-20 and 21.
  • Here’s a thought that crossed my mind: if either president Obama or Mitt Romney win the election and are successful in leading an economic turn around, would you be able to be happy for them? I ask this because I fear we are so divided even if someone succeeded the other party would find some way to bring them down.
  • Definitely looking forward to the Akron Marathon a week from Saturday.  Weird that a marathon is a training run!

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