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Monday Links and Bullets 9.12.11

Another Monday.  More links to share.  My bullet thoughts for the week below.


–About 9/11:  I agree with this article.  Also, expect calamity, know there’s hope.  Finally, these are good thoughts that help shape how we remember.


Read this article, then share it with anyone you know.  Women are encouraged to read this as well.


Marriage is worth it.  Great read.

–A great read from someone who regrets abortion.


  • Is anyone asking if the Browns were point shaving yesterday?  I seriously think it should be asked – I’ve never seen anything that bad in a pro football game in such a pivotal spot.
  • On to more important matters .  .  . I am praying very hard for several families struggled with an ill or dying loved one.
  • Thanks to Bill’s Antenna Service in Akron, OH we are no longer paying anything on a monthly basis for basic network TV stations.  They all come in almost perfectly in HD!!
  • What a thrill to be involved in the marriage ceremony of Steven and Sarah Motich this past Saturday.  Praying for their marriage to be a great witness and full of blessings.
  • Our little foster daughter is developing so fast!  She is cruising right around and now is even pulling herself up.  We praise God for her development!
  • It is so nice to see the sunshine!
  • If you’re a believer and you’re frustrated publicly with abortion, politics, gay marriage, etc. . . is it simply to be right?  We talked in our evening service last night about gospel frustrations.  If we’re frustrated with culture, it should be to show them the love of Christ rather than just trying to prove a point!

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