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Monday Links and Bullets 9.10.12

A little late this week as well, but there is some good stuff to check out.  Also, as usual, a few of my own thoughts below! Enjoy and be challenged!


–I rarely recommend videos, but this six minute poem is well worth the watch. It’s a challenge to all Christians.


–Is inconvenience a good thing?  Here’s a good challenge on hospitality.

–Here are 22 ways to humble yourself.

Great advice for when life sends a storm.  Worth the time here.

–PARENTS: Some good thoughts on teaching your kids about money.

–As a preacher, I related well to this.


  • Always good to know you’re not the only one frustrated with a specific thing going on in life.  It’s interesting to hear others having the same frustration – it’s helpful to know you’re not alone.
  • I’m always encouraged when parents follow what they say and make kids bear the consequences set out.
  • Praying hard for the community I live in.
  • Browns – not much to say.  I’ve read the script, and it usually ends the way it did yesterday.
  • Yankees – rarely am I confident of the Yankees, but they split in Baltimore this weekend and did what they had to do.  Their rotation is not great right now, but I think they’ll get enough offense to win a playoff spot.
  • The Wild Card rule in baseball is going to make the end to this season scintillating.
  • Training is going well and I’m getting excited about the Akron race.  Running the full marathon with Josh Miller, our church’s youth director.  It will be Josh’s first full marathon.
  • I am excited that so far a good chunk of money has come in for the cause I’m running for in November.  Full update within the next week or two.
  • God – do something!  And let me give you the glory so I won’t feel like I have to take credit myself.

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