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Monday Links and Bullets 8.8.11

August 8th already?  Wow. . .   First up, this week’s links.


What kind of teaching and preaching do we do?  What kind do we listen to?  This challenged me.


–A couple really good articles from the Desiring God blog:  1)  For Parents of teens and soon to be teens.  2) How to make God known at work.

Real men repent.  What do you think it means to be a “real man”?

–Here’s an article from the Akron Beacon Journal about people I know well.  This is a good ministry.


An extremely difficult time for a local community.  We hear these things all the time, but never forget there are real people and real communities involved.  Not to mention real consequences.  Prayers please!

I had a hard time with this story.  I can definitely see elements of blame on both sides.  Very interesting.


  • Man, looks like the Red Sox just own the Yankees this year.
  • Working with people is a huge adventure.  Really, when it’s your job to work with people you sign up for this great adventure of lots of ups and downs, and really never knowing what was going to come about.
  • Super glad Julie was able to score some work for the week.
  • We had a good time celebrating the one year birthday of our foster daughter yesterday.  It’s hard to believe we’ve had her in our home for over nine months.  Talk about adventure!
  • Speaking of unknown, my race coming up this month will be a total crapshoot.  Lots of miles, tired legs, a twinge of breathing trouble, some really good runs thrown in . . . anything will be possible!
  • Teaching through Nehemiah 9-10 is really challenging me about what it looks like to commit to serving God!
  • We are putting on a conference Wednesday for senior citizens in the area.  I am really excited for this day.  I hope it’s a real encouragement and a real challenge for those who will attend!

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