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Monday Links and Bullets 8.6.12

I’m excited to share some of these articles.  Great reading this week.  Enjoy these links and some of my bullet point thoughts about what’s going on.



–Chick Fil A: Here are two great articles that sum up how I’ve been challenged.  I am unsure it’s the best thing to go out and do something like this just to prove a point.  More divisiveness is NOT needed.  Article one: a bold mistake?  Article two:  keep these things in mind when dealing with this issue.


How to keep your prayers fiery.

One victim’s story from the Dark Knight attack in Colorado.

–Here’s a fantastic piece on depression.

–Ever wonder about different races and why they exist?  This article does an outstanding job explaining the differences (or lack thereof) from a Biblical perspective.  It’s about the length of a book chapter, but VERY informative.

OLYMPICS – It’s amazing when these people train and train and train and then stick their performances.  It’s quite another thing when they don’t.

–Competition biffs (not from this year’s Olympics): one from gymnastics (2 minute video), one from women’s steeplechase (less than one minute video)


Here’s some great advice when trying new things.

The trouble ahead with all this cloud computing.  Can’t say I totally agree, but worth thinking about.


  • Prayer.  How do you pray for yourself?  How do you pray for others?  What is prayer about?  Good challenging thoughts.  God, Your kingdom come, Your will be done.
  • My training for my ultra marathon is going really well.  My low end run is now 5-6 miles per day, and I’m pushing averaging 50 miles per week.  Great spot to be less than 3 months away! I’m planning both a 25 mile and a 30 mile run in September.  I’m planning a 5 hour run in October and several other 20 mile runs.  Should be enough for a 50 miler – if my body holds up!
  • I love the excitement for VBS.
  • Is prayer a purposeful part of how you follow Jesus?
  • Speaking of prayer, I’m praying hard for some people I know who are struggling.
  • Church softball – playoffs tonight!  Whooppee.  It’s funny because it’s important to us, but really important to not many others outside our league.
  • I love eating eggs, peppers and tomatoes when the peppers and tomatoes were grown in our garden.  Now I gotta get some chickens.
  • Andrew Murray!!  And how about Usain Bolt? Wouldn’t it be nice to be so fast you can just toy with everyone?  Can’t wait to see how fast he is in the 200.
  • Props to the dude in the 400m with the prosthetics.
  • Live with some purpose today!

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