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Monday Links and Bullets 8.27.12

Here are some good reads, and a few of my own thoughts below.  As usual!  It’s why I call it links and bullets!



–Here is what Congressman Akin SHOULD have said.  This is a thorough defense of what it means to be pro-life and worth the read.


–I referenced this article in yesterday’s sermon.  I hope this challenges all Christians.

–Why the greatest suffering is better than the smallest sin.  Hmmmmm…

–PARENTS: Gratefulness can help fight against teen depression.  AND . . . how to encourage a good work ethic in your kids.

–ANGER: How righteous anger should look (and how it shouldn’t).


Here’s a great article about waiting in line.  Really, this is a fascinating read.

Wouldn’t you rather the guys at the end of the entrance ramps do this?


  • Are you afraid of evangelism?  Why? Be bold, God will empower you.
  • I am praying today for lots of people I know are struggling.
  • Financial tip of the day (random, I know): Treat $10 like it’s a lot of money, no matter how much you make.
  • It has been a year of waiting, and the waiting only continues!
  • Tonight is open house for the kids at school.  Fourth grade and first grade respectively start on Wednesday!
  • What a trade over the weekend in baseball.  Long term winners: Boston.  Short term winners: L.A.  The Dodgers are going to despise those contracts in a few years or maybe they just don’t care about how much they’re spending.
  • Say what you want about this presidential election, but the two ideologies are very far apart.
  • Are you pro-life? To what extent do you believe in the rights of the unborn?
  • Really enjoyed having some time to spend with David at the Yankees-Indians game last Friday night.  Go Yankees!
  • Does your view of making disciples mainly revolve around someone else doing it? Or being paid to do it? How can YOU make a disciple and help point people to Christ?

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