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Monday Links and Bullets 8.20.12

Today’s links and bullets, including the article of the year:


LINK OF THE WEEK (I think it’s the best article I’ve read all year)

In this article Russell Moore takes on Pat Robertson and his recent idiotic comments. Not only is he stern and thorough in his rebuke, he is complete in offering the Biblical alternative.

–Here’s an article that provides some help for people with family members in relationships that don’t seem right.

How to trust God through trauma.

–A great article here with practical tips for reducing sibling conflict. Very good read.

A great article that describes why German’s economy is so healthy.


* I was probably more challenged than anyone by the sermon I clicked on Sunday.
* I have been asked how my training, etc. are going for my race this fall. I will be posting an update this week, hopefully tomorrow.
* Why on earth have I lived less than a half hour from Virginia Kendall Park for almost 11 years and never been there? Gorgeous! Can’t wait to go back.
* I’m in an optimistic sort of mood.
* 2012 has been a year that required a lot of waiting (in more ways than one). God can show us Himself when He calls us to wait patiently.
* I have been challenged recently in the area of personal finance. Looking at some options and an opportunity for others to be helped and challenged too.
* I am praying tonight for several who are facing some difficult situations. Saying “I’ll pray for you” and actually doing it are some of the most important things you can do when someone you know is struggling.

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