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Monday Links and Bullets 8.15.11

It’s Monday again so here we go.  Here are this week’s links.  Some short bullet thoughts are found below.


Wrestling with homosexuality.  Read it.


–News flash: Christians still believe.  Where is the news story in that?  This is an interesting read and will be worth your while.

Justin Bieber had something to say about Jesus.  For real.

This is the way things work in the culture of death.  An interesting piece about attempted elimination of pregnancy centers.

–From history:  was Christianity responsible for the Crusades?

–Interesting read – there are four kinds of people.


Boy calls police over having to do chores.

Hey let me know which of these articles you find interesting.  Comment here or on Facebook, or feel free to e-mail.


  • I am really struggling with the role of nutrition in medical problems.  Is putting foreign medications into our bodies (especially over the long haul) really the best thing to do?
  • I am grateful for two sets of friends who have had babies recently!
  • Oh, a measly week and change till this race.  My biggest prayer? Decent weather.  Hot humid weather and there is no chance of making my goal.
  • I love watching the Price is Right with our kids.
  • Our situation with our foster daughter continues to be one of the most dramatic sub plots to our lives.  The suspense is just killer, the plot is ever evolving, and we simply won’t know the outcome for an indeterminable period of time.  Clear as mud?
  • Browns looked alright Saturday night, yes?
  • World Series prediction: Texas vs. Philadelphia.
  • I hope your life isn’t blah.  There is always something to pursue, to be passionate about.  Make the most of what you have.  Jesus is the best cause to pursue with this life.
  • I really wish that folks would desire Christian fellowship.  It’s so hard to convince them of what they’re missing!  Seriously, being together with other Christians is something I have come to thrive on, and not just because it’s my job.  Genuinely, my best friends are committed followers and I love to sing, pray, gather, and fellowship with them.
  • In all things, to God be the glory today and always!



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