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Monday Links and Bullets 7.30.12

Wow.  July is almost over.  Can’t believe it.  As usual, here are some GREAT articles to check out.  Hope you’re built up and encouraged by taking a few short minutes to read.  Below, as usual, find some of my own thoughts in short bullet form.  Happy Monday!



Here is how NOT to minister to people who are hurting. This contains an ACTUAL LIST OF STUPID THINGS people said to a family in a very difficult spot.  Don’t do this!


–This guy is a little wordy, but I like reading his take.  This article shows us why the Chick Fil A dust up is related to racism.  Good thoughts.

–Is prayer a code for getting what we want?

Ten years after a double Russian adoption.


Is there mental slavery still in Africa?  Good short article about how Africa was abused by the Europeans.


Stop rewarding kids for just showing up.


  • I’m back.  I’ve been on vacation and to Haiti in the past two/three weeks, with spotty appearances at church.  I am thrilled to be back and ready to get going.
  • Regarding Haiti, here is my first blog entry about the trip if you missed it.  More to come.
  • Regarding vacation, isn’t it a good reminder that your identity isn’t your work?  While I’m happy to be home, I’m happy to have had time with family as well.
  • The Olympics have been fascinating so far.  It’s sad to see disappointment of favorites not doing well, but it should teach us a lesson in reality as well.  Sometimes you work really hard for a goal and just don’t get it.
  • Haiti thought quick: we have no right to complain about anything!
  • Church softball tonight: what’s that?
  • And when it comes to these shooting tragedies, we’re still asking why?  Don’t we know the answer? I hate that these things happen. So heartbreaking.
  • I’m enjoying being a baseball fan this time of year.  The sport overall is very interesting.
  • As a Christian, are you all in? Or just interested in doing only a little?

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