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Monday Links and Bullets 7.2.12

Weekly I share some articles I find during my reading – these are for your challenge and (hopefully) benefit.  Below, I share a few bullet thoughts.  Hence the title: Links and Bullets!  Enjoy!



–Two quick, helpful options if you’re feeling depressed.  I think a lot of people experience depression at times and for varying lengths of season in life.  Hope this is some help!


Why you should resolve conflict quickly.  This is really good, and it’s from what is becoming one of my favorite sites.

–Think about the Trinity – it can help your prayer life.

–How well do you do when you’re forced to wait?

–Some great suggestions for how to encourage your pastor.


–SPORTS:  This information is true and everyone needs to know it about their favorite baseball team.  This happens to be about the Indians, but it’s true for all baseball teams.  Bottom line?  If owners want to spend money on payroll, they can do it.

–WILDFIRES:  Space images of fire damage from the west.  Harrowing.


  • Life is made up of short stretches of seasons.  In your own life, how are you feeling about how those seasons are coming together?  It’s the bigger perspective that allows us to see the shorter seasons.
  • I am really excited this year to see how the baseball playoff races shape up.
  • Not by mention of priority, but I am excited for what God is doing.  Project Shine was amazing a couple weeks ago, I am really excited about upcoming sermons and preaching, God is allowing us opportunity to minister to friends, and our group leaves for Haiti in less than two weeks.  Wow!
  • It is always an honor to be asked to be a part of funeral services.  What tension between the pain of earthly loss and the hope of heaven!  Praise God for the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ.
  • I definitely prefer 95 and no humidity to 80 and humid.  Not even close.  However, I do hope it’s not 90 the rest of the summer.  That could put a real squeeze on the kind of mileage I am hoping to run.
  • Is life about discipleship?  As I wrestle with discipleship and Jesus’ call for us to make disciples, the more I am realizing that there are a LOT of obstacles that can get in the way.  Are you a part of a church that makes disciples and does it well?  It’s a great conversation to have.  And beware, if the answer is no, love must the foundation of conversations about how to do better.
  • Are your relationships healthy?  Balanced?  Do you invest in people as much as they invest in you?  Be challenged, pray a lot, and make wise decisions in relationships.  Know what you can and can’t do.

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