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Monday Links and Bullets 6.6.11

Happy Monday everyone.  Here goes with this week’s links:


I’m not a Christian, but I’m coming to your church on Sunday.  This is a good article about how people think about our churches.

MARRIAGE – excellent resource alert!

–Excellent questions for wives to ask husbands, and good ones for husbands to ask wives.


How to glorify God at work.

Life isn’t fair.  Really good.

–Does God have a special eye for America?

7 thoughts on time management.


Please read about this and be grateful for what we have.  Yes, it’s tragic, and it’s wrong to bury our heads in the sand and ignore it.

–No joke – dude (illegally) sold his kidney for an iPad.

–I’m not ashamed to admit I clicked on this.  It’s Oprah’s top 10 moments.


  • What a great Monday morning.  Up around 5:00, got some cleaning done, listened to some good music and a message, and got to play with our foster daughter, who was an early bird and up around 7:00.  Don’t know about you, but my days feel pretty full when I accomplish a lot early.
  • Gonna go swing a bat this afternoon at the cages.  I’ve been trying to play softball with a finger not 100%.  That means there’s been a big stench near homeplate following most of my at bats.  I hope to make some more solid contact tonight.
  • I really like the band Red.  Probably no secret to anyone who reads this or who knows me.  Here is a link to their new music video. They are a voice for light in the dark things of the world.  Even if you don’t like the music (this is one of the harder songs they do), turn it down and try to follow the message of what’s happening.  The end of this is really sweet and pretty unashamed in my opinion.
  • It is a joy to think about the return of Jesus Christ to this earth!
  • Great joy this past weekend for friends (former students) who got married.   Congrats to Todd and Desirae, and Ben and McKenzie!  Congrats to all extended family – I truly am joyful for each of you!
  • Excited for this training season.  Here’s what cruel about marathon training, especially when you have a goal.  This summer I will run a lot of miles and put my body through a lot trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  I’ll run a race in October and there are only two options, and one day.  Either I succeed or I fail.  There is no second chance.  Cruel reality, but good for a guy who enjoys the extremes!
  • If you read something in the Bible you don’t agree with, don’t like, or don’t understand, pray and ask God to show you the reality of what it means rather than trying to decide if you like it.


  1. Mark Ross says:

    I found the article very interesting and helpful. I really like the link to the questions to ask your husband or wife. There are a couple of questions for the wife that I think can apply to a dating/engaged couple.
    1. What can I do to make you feel loved and appreiciated by me?
    2. What can I do to make you feel like I enjoy being with you more that anyone else?
    3. What are some things I can do to encourage you, spiritually?
    4. What can I do to help you grow in a love to serve church?

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