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Monday Links and Bullets 6.3.13

It’s June.  Wow.  Time for another week of articles and thoughts, otherwise knowns as Links and Bullets.  Be challenged!


LinkS of the Week

Yes, two featured links.  These are both so good I couldn’t decide. So have them both!

PRACTICAL PARENTING: Here is an intentional way a father can disciple his 13 year old son.  If nothing else, this article can make parents (mothers too!) think about how they’re pointing their children to Christ.

Are you wondering what to think about our current cultural/moral crisis? This article has some fantastic, clear insight.

The Christian Faith

ABOUT PORN: 33 reasons to abstain from pornography.

WISDOM: God forgives.  This articles points out that tough consequences remain.  Seek wisdom!

I AM HOLY: Here is a great article about what God does inside of us when we believe.  Stay with it – there is great stuff in this post!

RESPONDING TO ATHEISTS: How about some ideas for responding to atheists’ attacks?

THE SELF:  Can you forgive yourself?

MARRIAGE: You won’t regret reading this article on marriage.



  • Yes, I hope the Heat lose tonight.  Go Pacers!
  • Someone recently wrote that the Browns could have a dynamic offense.  Hmmmmm……
  • There are a lot of exciting young players in baseball.  I’m most interested in a rookie the Dodgers called up.  His name is Yasiel Puig (pronounced “pweeg”).


  • If we are not operating out of spiritual resources, we are operating out of human resources.
  • Culturally, I think that a huge part of the Christian mission in 2013 in America is helping people break cycles of sin in their lives. These are deep layers of ruin that have sometimes covered whole generations of families and affected individuals in untold ways.  The Gospel is more powerful than all of it.


  • Our home is officially re-opened tomorrow after several months of being “on hold” for foster placements.  Our range is between two and not 5 (4 years 11 months), and we can only have a boy.  Finding a situation that narrow seems like we may be waiting for a while, but who knows?  We’re praying for sure!
  • Sometimes in our lives we think and pray and think and pray and then we just do.  We have talked about re-opening our home for foster care, and last week we got bunk beds for the girls’ room (a needed transition as Jocelyn is now ready for a twin bed).  We also then got bunk beds for the boys room as well so we’d have another full bed to take a boy for foster care.  We hadn’t planned on that being the week, it was just the week it all came together.
  • Best joke from church yesterday: Person: “Kevin, you said you’re writing devotions for your family?” Me: “Yes, we’ve been trying it out a little bit.” Person: “Now I know why your kids sleep so well.” Wow, do I enjoy a good zing!


  • I have really been lazy on taking the car for an oil change.
  • School is almost over.  Summer is going to be great.
  • Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here, but I think Food Club has the best imitation Frosted Flakes on the market.


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