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Monday Links and Bullets 6.11.12

Six good links.  Some challenging thoughts.  Then some of my bullet thoughts below.  As usual, I hope this is a growing experience that helps you think!



–I try not to post links to videos, as I find them time consuming.  But this video is well worth the watch.  It shows the difference between what some folks emphasize in Christianity and what should be emphasized.


–PARENTING: Here’s a very good read with a challenging question: Do you worship your kids?  Also, here’s an article that says Facebook is going to far by allowing younger children to access their site.  Personally, I think the opinion here might be a bit strong, but I do appreciate the concerns.

–MISSIONS TRAGEDY: Read this blog by a pilot who died a short time after writing it.  It’s a gripping story, and a reminder of the every day dangers for missionaries.

–HUSBANDS (AND MEN IN GENERAL): What you need to know about stay at home moms.

–PUBLIC DEBATE: Some great thoughts here on being civil in public debate.


  • My body is starting to get in some good shape.  I’m really happy with my early training for my 50 mile race this fall.  However, in learning how to run slower, it is probably not a good idea to be listening to rock music on my training runs.
  • The level of men’s tennis has to be as high as it’s ever been.
  • Lots of moving (several we know), lots of things coming up, just seems like a big season of change.  Gotta roll with it!
  • Very excited for the week of Project Shine next week.  It is a true passion of mine to serve the Kenmore community in a practical way.
  • Convicted more and more about the power of and need for prayer.
  • When you woke up this morning, what did you think about? What are your top priorities each day?
  • Don’t look forward too much to things coming up.  Make the most of today.
  • In the same way, don’t live life through a touch screen or camera screen.  I’ve been challenged by both of these recently.


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