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Monday Links and Bullets 5.7.12

It’s the first links and bullets for May 2012.  Time is flying.  Hopefully you’ll find some good reading here.



–Probably not a good idea to stage a kidnapping in your youth ministry.  This article also helps us think through the fallout.


–Why Christianity doesn’t have to be muscular.

A must read for all parents.

–You should know who the guy in this article is.

–Here’s a great way to think about the goal of the Christian faith – knowing or love?  This is a tough challenge.

–At least he’s free to speak up for what he believes.

–Practical: is smoking a sin?  Good thoughts.


Would you buy a dome home if it guaranteed the weather wouldn’t affect it?


  • “LeBron James donated computers to our school.” Interesting my daughter views things this way.  And this after yesterday we chastised our son for wanting to root for the Heat!
  • Gotta love spring weather.
  • The 500 Festival Mini-Marathon was Saturday in Indianapolis.  Very exciting to be a part of, even though the conditions (and the conditions of my legs) were brutal.  Looking forward to trying a 50 mile ultra marathon race this November.
  • Are things changing? Or are they just the same?
  • I wish mobile apps had the same functionality as web browsers at times.
  • I know a number of people who seem discontent.  I think that’s good – it provides healthy ground for change as long as rash decisions don’t bring the change about.
  • Even though I’m done running for a few weeks, I will be working to keep my body in shape.  I’ve been feeling beat down tired enough – need to stay active!
  • Couldn’t have been happier that Lisa Lampanelli (sp?) got fired last night.  I feel sorry for a woman who has her stature and yet is such a bully and treats people that way.  I will not miss her foul mouth either!
  • I do sense God is moving in my life and others’, which is very encouraging to me.
  • It’s weird talking about moving the piano out of my mom’s house.  What a huge transition – selling the home where our family spent most of its formative years.
  • Lord, if I’m missing something, help me see that and respond appropriately.

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