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Monday Links and Bullets 5.6.13

It’s May.  The weather is warmer and this coming Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Every Monday I share articles or sites I’ve found interesting (links) and some random thoughts (bullets).  Friday, I do a highlight on the article that got the most interest from today’s post.  Click and away.  And, as always, be challenged!


Link of the Week

KIDS AND SPORTS – here’s a blog post from a Major League manager that gives perspective.  Does yelling really help kids?

The Christian Faith

PARENTS – Do you know about Instagram and how/why your kids use it?

OPPOSITION TO CHRISTIANS – You’ll have to read this to believe it.  Maybe not.  Either way, please tell me who is acting worse here!

TOLEDO, OHIO – Here’s a post that gives a brief description of some of the problems found in Toledo.  It highlights people who are bravely ministering in a very difficult spot.  Take a read!

SPIRITUAL GIFTS – The variety of gifts shows how needy we are!

SEX – Here is a very good article about sex in Christian marriage.  Please read this and let it challenge your thoughts.

GOD’S WORD – Are you prepared only on Sunday for God’s Word, or is it something you prepare for throughout the week as well?



  • Giving up our will is a reflection of what Jesus did for us when He went to the cross.  Wow.  
  • If you are a part of a local church, what is your role?  What is the church’s role? Do you give more than you get?


  • Church softball starts tonight…..and no one cares outside of our league.  Good perspective.
  • Nice to see the Indians won six in a row.  The highlight for me was Trevor Bauer’s scoreless outing (despite still struggling with control).  I love following young baseball players.


  • Woohoo to my wife, Julie, who ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) on Saturday in Indianapolis.  I’m proud of her accomplishment and dedication!
  • For the first time in a long time I ran a 5K race.  20:30 wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. About 6:35 per mile.
  • If you have younger children, do you ever find yourself praying for the future spouses of your children? We have begun to do that recently, knowing that finding a peaceful spouse with similar beliefs makes so much difference.


  • It’s primary goal is to make you holy; your happiness comes second.
  • Forgiveness is such a huge part of marriage it can’t be underestimated.  As soon as you’re perfect you can stop forgiving your spouse.


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