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Monday Links and Bullets 5.30.11

Plenty to get to today.  Hope you enjoy the reading!


10 TIPS for being a healthier pastor.  Even if you’re not a pastor, it’s a good read.


It’s not about you . . .

Gardening teaches theology!

Read this story about courage . . . from 1498!

Why we wish Harold Camping was right.

Here’s some good thinking about why you shouldn’t hide a baby’s gender.


–Unbelievable aerial photos of Joplin: before and after.

Spring depression?


  • Slept an hour yesterday from 4-5, then slept from 9:30 last night till 8:30 this morning.  Was I tired or what?  Holy moly.
  • On a similar note, I am feeling better today.
  • Dreaming and visioning – for the future and how to make the most of it for Christ, not the Miss Cleo kind!
  • Definitely looking forward to the coming weeks – lots of opportunity for good stuff to happen.
  • Project Shine is only weeks away!!
  • Had a rather enjoyable conversation the other night.
  • The end times series will be challenging for me – I hope for those listening as well!  May we be more like Christ because of our belief in His 2nd coming!
  • There are people who do things in this life that I consider myself totally unable to do – like go through immense challenge or make accommodations that sacrifice personal freedoms for the benefit of someone else.  Amazing.
  • Think of all the great things in that people are doing for Jesus in this world.  Someone had to start them.  What do you think is a good idea?  Pursue it and make it happen.  There’s no greater adventure . . .



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