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Monday Links and Bullets 5.28.12

As usual, good challenging reading in the links I’m sharing.  Some of my own thoughts below.



–I am going to be racing (or should I say enduring) 50 miles this fall for two purposes.  1) Raising some money for a great cause.  2) Challenging people to do something they’ve never done before. I’d love it if you’d consider being a part!


Four marks of Christianity that bears fruit.

Six ways to minimize sin.  This is very challenging.

Why men love video games and porn so much.

–I found this challenging.  It talks about crucifying your ministry – is our ministry too important to us?

A lot of people are pointing this guy to characterize all Christians.  First, they’re wrong.  Second, this guy’s an idiot and is in no way qualified to be a pastor.  Third, why are the idiots listening to him saying amen?


–MONEY: Facebook could destroy the economy (one person’s opinion at least)

–SPORTS: Why Milwaukee’s baseball fans are among the best (and a great comparison to Cleveland).

–PARENTING:  Parents should read this.  Does the internet influence your kids too much?


  • Lexi:  “Did you turn on the air?”  Me: “Yes.”  Lexi: “Does Mommy know?”  —- the answer to this is yes. HA!
  • Memorial Day is a great reminder of what has happened for our freedom to be secured.
  • The link above about minimizing sin is really something everyone should consider.  It’s very revealing if we’re honest about it.
  • Prayer is so necessary.
  • I read a post online about pastors being some of the loneliest men in a local church.  It made me think why that might be the case.
  • Seems like a lot of people think it’s a sin to have a lot of money and do what you want with it.  I feel a rant coming.
  • The conference finals in the NBA should be very interesting in both the east and the west.
  • Baseball this year is going to be increasingly more interesting.  Can’t wait to see how things develop.
  • Have you been discipled?  Have you ever made a disciple?

Have a great holiday.  Stay cool everyone.

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