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Monday Links and Bullets 5.27.13

Another Monday.  I hope you’re enjoying a day off (or at least part of the day) and taking time to reflect on why you have the time off.

That said, below find this week’s collection of articles I’d like to share (links) followed by my usually scattering of thoughts below (bullets).  I’ll post Friday with the most clicked article of the week. Enjoy, and as always, be challenged!


Link of the Week

Here is an article about young men.  Even if you’re not one or don’t know one, I think you should read this.  After all, it’s the link of the week!

The Christian Faith

PARENTING: Ever wondered whether you should protect your kids or “let them be a light”? This article helps us think through this issue.  Here’s an article for parents with older kids (teens & up): do you help your kids too much?

LIFE: Please read the testimony this doctor recently gave to congress.

LOVE: If you don’t want to be convicted about how selfish you can be, don’t read this article.  Actually, read it anyway! It’s incredibly challenging. It’s very good for thinking through ALL types of relationships.

PASTORING: If you don’t pray much for your pastor, after reading this, you should!


Here’s a very short video I thought was really cool.


Personal Faith:

  • I have been thinking a lot about discipline.  If we brush our teeth every day (we do, right?) and bathe every day (hopefully…), why is it a struggle for many people to pray and hear from the Creator of the entire universe every day?  The results of not brushing your teeth are obvious, but so is spiritual dry-ness.
  • Even if it is a paragraph of Scripture and 2 minutes of prayer, I think it is preferable to nothing.


  • Got our daughter’s old bed torn down, family (decades old) bunk beds replaced, and a new twin mattress bought for the lower bunk bed, all in 1 hour and 15 minutes!
  • I enjoy the relationship our children have with their cousins.  It’s a neat thing that will make for lots of lasting memories.


  • Anyone else thinking the Browns are a total mystery? Some are saying they’ll be good enough to make the playoffs.  Some are saying they won’t and their owner will be gone by the end of the season because of a scandal enveloping the owner’s business.  That’s quite a range of options!
  • Read an article on today suggesting Rafael Nadal may struggle to win the French, because he dropped a set and was sort of pushed in his first round.  Must be a slow news day in sports.  I’m pretty sure Nadal knows how to handle himself on clay.
  • I’ll put the odds of the Cavs trading the 1st pick at over 50%.  Guarantee they will trade a couple of their picks for an established player they need.  No way will they want to add four more rookies this year.


  • So gas was near $4.00 earlier in the week? Now it’s in the $3.50 range.  So stupid.  If everything we bought and paid for  fluctuated as much as the price of gas, our economy would be total chaos (not to mention our family budget!).
  • I’m happy for friends who are getting to go on vacation!
  • Definitely looking forward to planting the garden this week.  It was supposed to happen today.  Yeah, not so much!

Have a great week!


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