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Monday Links and Bullets 5.23.11

Some excellent things to read or view.  I’m excited to share these this week.  Try to click through to a few of these – they are helpful!


10 minutes is a long time to some people, but this is a good watch about hell from Frances Chan.  It’s worth highlighting this as the link of the week – take the 10 minutes to watch and see if you agree.


Open letter to Harold Camping’s followers.  This is excellent for both 1) followers who thought the world would end Saturday and 2) Christians who might be tempted to gloat.  Did I mention this is an excellent read?

Sad stories from people who actually believed this was going to happen.

–A very short and encouraging read about the passion of the early church.

A great way to illustrate a wonderful theological truth.  This is important!

A case for hell from the . . . New York Times?


–Ever struck out in slow pitch?  This is hilarious!  One minute comic excerpt.

–Nothing like a little man drama from pro sports – an owner taking shots at his players!


  • Love teenagers.
  • Does your faith have any room for the unknown?  In difficult circumstances, maturing faith must not make the mistake of trying to figure things out too quickly.
  • Speaking of unknown, my finger will be several more months in fully healing (possibly up to a year).  Who’d have thought that one play in basketball would cost you up to a year of your life in therapy (physical), frustration, and recovery?  Alas, I press on!
  • It is truly heartbreaking to see the devastation of people whose neighborhoods have been flattened by tornadoes.  The pictures from Joplin, MO were truly breathtaking.  Even a Weather Channel reporter fought back tears.
  • I love this thought – spending time with God every day is not ONLY for getting to know things about Him.  Sometimes, just like our relationships with people, there is value in just talking and listening (a.k.a. reading and praying)
  • I am becoming less and less concerned about what I want and more and more concerned about what will benefit others.
  • I am passionate about using resource to do what’s right for people.  Hopefully this will lead to action soon!
  • Repentance:  loving what you once hated and hating what you once loved.  Mmmmm  goodness.

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