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Monday Links and Bullets 5.21.12

Big time Monday.  I’m excited to share some links.  I’m excited for something big (for me anyway) contained in the bullet thoughts below.



Great thoughts on corporate worship.  Please know it is always worth thinking through things like this.


Six principles for giving.  Be challenged.  And give like crazy!

The culture of death – and its consequences for these people.

Is motherhood (or parenting) a competition? Good read for mothers AND fathers.

Don’t exclude atheists.  A good article which should remind us of some basics.

Christianity DOES NOT need to be at the center of culture wars.


Job description for parents of teens.  This is someone’s opinion but I thought it offered some really good thoughts.

Twenty-five ways to provoke your children to anger.  ALL PARENTS SHOULD READ THIS.


  • I am excited to try something I’ve never tried before.  I’ll make my announcement Saturday!
  • Had a wonderful time this weekend.  Our church hosted the Art of Marriage seminar (by Family Life).  There were six very thought provoking video sessions which have stirred some great conversation between Julie and me.  Praying for all those involved and grateful to friends Andy and Joanne Flaker for hosting.
  • It always takes adjusting to God’s might and power.  How quickly we can diminish Him in the mundane of every day life.
  • I have been thinking about children and technology (mainly my own).  Some more opinions coming Wednesday.
  • I am hoping this latest car repair will be the last for a while.  My bank account hopes the same!
  • It’s been a while since I watched the Price is Right.  Sweet win in the Clock Game today.
  • This is going to be a major summer in our lives.  Wow.  I’m overwhelmed just thinking about how amazing this summer is going to be.  Opportunity abounds.
  • So excited about opportunities God has made for me to run into others who are excited about making disciples. Very excited for things to come as we seek to improve focus.
  • Last week we went to a foster parent recognition dinner.  They had people from a different county come and tell a story about how they welcomed four teens into their home – and the teens’ mom!  What an incredible story of sacrifice.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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