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Monday Links and Bullets 5.20.13

Here’s an interesting collection of articles (links) and a collection of thoughts below (bullets). Friday I’ll make a post with a few comments on the article that gets the most clicks this week.  Be challenged, and enjoy!


Link of the Week

This is a very short read that includes quite a story.  You should read it.

The Christian faith.

Over-eating: a diet problem, or a sin problem?

Here is a challenging love letter to a lesbian (or any gay person).

In your old age, don’t be afraid to be a burden.

The U.S.A. 2013

Every American should know about this scandal.  I promise this is not all politics as usual; there really is a reason to know what the government is doing.

Is College Worth It? This article contains an informative book review on that very interesting subject.



  • Let’s start with sports this week.  Yes, the Indians are playing well.  Weren’t they 30-15 last year or the year before to start the season?  And yes, they’ve faltered in recent years after good starts.  The difference this year? More depth on offense.  The guys filling in for the injured guys or the under-performing guys can still get it done.
  • Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be on a sports team and be traded?  I would not be set up to handle that well.  In many cases the player just travels and the family stays in one place, but for those who do move with a trade, what a pain.  Good thing they make lots of money.
  • Here’s hoping the Pacers can beat the Heat? I’d put the odds at about 90% that they can’t do it.


  • Does anyone else have rules about turning on the air conditioning?  We don’t turn it on at least until June 1.  Likewise, no way our heat is on before October 1 (preferably later!)
  • I think I ate pizza five straight days (Wednesday – Sunday) between my own preferred pizza and Lexi’s birthday.  Some of that was leftovers.
  • I’m trying to get a plan for the summer time to keep the kids busy and productive.  Julie’s good with this as well.  In my world it’s structure, structure, structure – let’s think through what we want to happen this summer and then make some plans accordingly.


  • There are strong messages in Jesus’ reaction to the approaching crowd in the Garden of Gethsemene.  He knew the crowd was coming, yet chose to stay, in obedience to Scripture.
  • Being at the Basics Conference for pastors last week was a great experience.  It was some much needed rest and feasting on God’s Word.
  • I have been struggling with poison ivy over the past week.  I’ve been trying lots of things to treat it (yes, I broke down last night and bought some Zanfel), but I realized yesterday I hadn’t really committed it to prayer.  Even in an annoyance like poison ivy, I should be asking God to move it along more quickly than any medicine ever could!


  • I really feel caught up when I can get bills paid and get out from underneath the pile of paperwork.
  • Both of our cars seemed to be covered with bird doo.  Gross!  Got the worst one washed over the weekend.

Have a great week everyone!



  1. Allison Flaker says:

    “Is College Worth It?” looks quite interesting!

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