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Monday Links and Bullets 5.16.11

As usual, plenty to read.  Here we go . . .


–This is a story about a woman who married a man whose wife had died.  Read the story about his other wife.


Transform the public schools.

Churches burned in Egypt.


And I worry about what?

Coffee prevents breast cancer. (wait a while and this will change)

–In the unbelievable balcony death category, two stories:  1) an olympic marathoner jumps to his death  2) another guy was involved in an internet craze and went too far.

–Read some thoughts the English have about our “gas crisis”.

–Shouldn’t we know better than this?

–Finally, how about some lessons from the media coverage of bin Laden’s death?


  • I think there are little people who live in the baseboards of our kitchen and come out at night and leave crumbs on our floor.
  • Yesterday was Alexa’s 8th birthday.  Crazy.
  • It was good to get caught up on doing some housework today.
  • Heard some challenging thoughts today about sexual immorality and its disastrous effect in people’s lives.  This type of sin really does a lot of damage.  No denying that.
  • If the fields are playable (not much rain here today) today will be my first softball game of the season.
  • I was at a pastor’s conference last week.  A couple thoughts: 1) are you for what God is for and against what God is against? 2) do we think our culture is better than previous cultures with all of their terrible sin? Perhaps voices from years to come will see that we are just as awful as the cultures we may think we’re better than
  • The Gospel is about God, not about people.  Jesus didn’t die to make good people just a bit better.  He died to make wretched people whole, saving us from hell (the right consequence of their sin).  Praise Jesus for his selflessness and love!

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