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Monday Links and Bullets 4.30.12

Some challenging reading as always.  Some of my bullet thoughts are below.



–Yes, there is sex trafficking in America.  You should read this.


–How convicting: The idol will never love you back.

–Are you a Christian who’s blowing in the wind?

Suffering is a gift – from someone who’s in a position to say it.  Here’s one about suffering for the spiritual well being of others.

The sin of envy.  This is definitely challenging.

Some great music to check out.


–Sports:  Here is some really good perspective on a baseball trade from a couple seasons back.

–Local: A good story of self sacrifice when a concrete truck loses its brakes and heads straight for a school bus.

–Tech: Interesting article highlights the differences between Apple and Google when it comes to making apps.


  • Definitely in a season where I’m being challenged with what satisfies me.  Is the answer “not Jesus” too often?
  • I’m glad the kids’ bus schedule is more regular now.  I should probably thank the bus driver for getting it together.
  • Browns’ draft:  B- says Mel Kiper.  Personally, I’ll take it.  McCoy never was the answer at QB.  Never would be.  Got what they wanted otherwise.
  • It will be interesting to see if the Yankees can stay competitive over the long haul when they only have 1.5 starting pitchers who are effective.
  • Disciples: make them.
  • Going to be a jam packed summer, that’s for sure.  Family breaks, missions trip to Haiti, our annual summer Project Shine outreach in our community.  And time for what else?  Whew . . .
  • Very close to signing up for the ultra marathon.  Gonna be a lot of fun!

Have a great Monday everyone.

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