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Monday Links and Bullets 4.29.13

Final Monday post in April. What is happening to the time? Each week I love to share articles that challenge me (links) followed by a loosely organized collection of thoughts (bullets). Friday I feature the article that received the most clicks. Enjoy!


Link of the Week

Here’s a helpful article on discussing and dealing with pornography. Something to keep in mind as crazy as our world is becoming.

The Christian Faith

I was challenged by this short piece on using Scripture in worship.

Your job is not just a filler for your time.

Here are 12 benefits of affliction. Good to do some thinking on suffering and how it can actually be helpful.

PARENTING: Here are 10 ways to ruin your child’s imagination. Also, stop negotiating so much with your kids! The bottom line of this article: your kids should be comfortable with what you say, not try to negotiate every time you do something.


Was it staged? Was one of the funniest things ever seen on a stupid sports talk show staged to launch the career of the interviewer? My take after thinking through and watching the footage again: it was.



  • I am working on cultivating relationships with our children where we can talk about difficult things. I figure if we start now it will be easier to keep communicating as they get older. Example: I had to talk with our son about an incident where he was doing something inappropriate. He learned it at school and we had a good conversation, man to boy, about why that was a boundary that shouldn’t be crossed.
  • I guess I am unafraid to talk to our kids about difficult things they may be aware of. Bombings happen. Life can often get difficult. Adults face consequences of their behavior. So on and so on. As much as is appropriate, we will explain difficult situations in ways that help them understand their environment.


  • Don’t expect an easy way to grow in faith in Jesus Christ. There isn’t one.
  • Mother’s Day is a week from Sunday. How will your family honor mom?


  • I have really come to enjoy a good meal. Not to say we don’t have excellent cooking (overall I am extremely satisfied), but I really do enjoy that special meal from time to time.
  • I enjoyed a great birthday. Time with family, bought a couple new things I needed, enjoyed some outstanding food (and didn’t pay the price in my digestive system) – all in all a good one.


  • The NBA playoffs are so boring in the early rounds. It’s hardly captivating. Someone wake me up when it’s the conference finals or something.
  • Surprise! There’s plenty going on in baseball that the prognosticators didn’t expect. I think baseball, of any sport, is so difficult to predict. I know it’s a long season, but I am fascinated by some of the early trends.
  • The NFL draft. Seems like the Browns did okay. Overall, I’m happy with their thinking. I think this team wins eight games this year.

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