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Monday Links and Bullets 4.16.12

Here are this week’s links.  Bullet thoughts below covering a wide array of topics!



–Athletes who are Christians are worth watching.  You might not care about golf, but the guy who won the Masters this year is a Christian.  This article has some good thoughts.


There is no formula for parenting.  This is good wisdom for parents who just want to know what to do for crying out loud!

–You may not think about holiness much.  Here’s a great article that will encourage you.

Why one guy would still NOT go to prom, all these years later.  Reading this with high school age teens would be a great idea!

–Adam and Eve – they were REAL PEOPLE.

–Will you still be a Christian tomorrow?


Here are some good pictures of Rwanda.  It’s worth looking through here just to see another place and how people live.  Gotta love the smiles.


  • I tried to save a few dimes on the chip dip today.  Big mistake.  Lesson:  go with what you know.
  • Had I qualified for the Boston Marathon last fall, I would have been there today – and run in misery as temps were sweltering near 90 – in April!
  • Got the new Manafest album today.  This guy rocks.  New TFK album this week.
  • Got some yardwork and general house maintenance done today.  Feels good to be productive.
  • I’ve been really really tired the past few weeks.  Hoping for a short nap this afternoon after getting a few things done!
  • How many Christians reading this can say they’ve been used by God to make a disciple? How do you define that?
  • Grieving and praying for families who have suffered loss recently.
  • Weird to have the kids back in school this week.  Last week was a whirlwind.
  • Amidst being sick and generally tired over the past few weeks, I’ve also had to get some miles in.  Race coming up in less than three weeks (hopes are not real high on this one due to a very inconsistent training season).
  • I am close to finalizing a plan to do something this year that I’ve never done before.
  • I’ve been reflecting these past few days.  Here are a few thoughts in sum: 1) I am really blessed to have what I have 2) I wish I was more efficient at what I’m doing (that’s not an invitation for a pity party, just something to acknowledge) 3) Feeling weak and tired is no excuse not to live to the fullest.
  • We were at Malone University Saturday night for a 50 year celebration of the cross country program.  It was really cool to know what we were a part of – that program is really distinct among college athletics and some amazing people have come out of it!  It was great to see old friends as well.
  • Have a great week.  Live to the max!

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