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Monday Links and Bullets 4.1.13

It’s April.  It’s April Fool’s Day.  It’s the day after Resurrection Sunday.  The kids are home for spring break, and I am squeezing in a few minutes to post this week’s links and bullets.  Enjoy some interesting articles.  And then, see a few of my organized (or scattered!) thoughts below.


Link of the Week

How many fewer people believe in the Resurrection of Jesus this year compared to last? Click here to find out.

The Christian Faith

PARENTING: Here’s a basic article on discipline.  Then, here’s one mom’s thoughts on raising a son in a sex crazed world.

READING: Why Christians should read fiction.

INTERNET PITFALLS: Here’s an option if you’re looking for internet accountability at home.


Here is a story about an atheist scientist coming out AGAINST EVOLUTION. As this article describes, he’s not very popular.


Faith and Challenge

  • I was stunned by the truth of the resurrection yesterday.  Of course I believe it and have for years, but the focus and the power of it seemed overwhelmingly real.  Praying for its many benefits in the lives of believers.
  • I am excited to preach for a couple weeks on prayer.  “You do not have because you do not ask” is a challenge Biblical truth.
  • I went out with a friend from church prayer walking yesterday afternoon.  We basically asked people how we could pray for them.  Some rejected us out of hand.  Several engaged us and we had good opportunities for prayer and sharing.  I really enjoy this kind of thing because it is neither structured nor known.  God did some cool things too!

Random People Stuff

  • I cannot stand having a bunch of unopened e-mail.  Julie, on the other hand, routinely has hundreds of such messages.  It’s definitely a people thing.  Personality and preference are a strong thing.  Good thing I’m not in charge of her e-mail box! (yet)  🙂


  • I yelled “game” last night when I won in Dutch Blitz.  Apparently, you’re supposed to yell “blitz”.  Either way I win.  HA!
  • Having the kids off for spring break this week will definitely bring about some extra time to spend with them.


  • ESPN 3 is allowing me the chance to watch portions of the Yankees opener.  Nothing like Sawks/Yanks to start the season.  Too bad I’m too busy today to sit and watch the majority of it.
  • Many people are proclaiming the Yankees’ doom this year.  Maybe so, but the first day of the season is fun.

Ohio State

  • It was pretty obvious the game plan by Wichita St. was to deny Thomas open shots and get under screens.  Why was Matta not prepared to try to get anyone else going?  I know the Buckeyes missed a lot of shots, but good coaches notice things and it seems like Matta never really has a plan B to implement.

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