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Monday Links and Bullets 3.4.13

Some good articles this week (links), followed by some of my own thoughts below (bullets).  Enjoy, and as always, be challenged!


Link of the Week

Here’s how to get society to accept pedophilia as a normal behavior.  This is well written and should make you think.

Christian Faith

–PARENTING: How can you get your children to respect you?  Ron Hutchcraft has some great thoughts on that.

–PUBLIC LIFE: Why are Christians turning on Tim Tebow?

–BIBLE STUDY: It’s not about you.

–SOCIAL MEDIA: Why don’t you take a few minutes and read through what you’re doing on Facebook?  Here’s how, and some thoughts on what the results might mean.

–FOUR KINDS OF PEOPLE: Which are you?  This is a great check, and the answer reveals much.


Life and Challenge:

  • I said this about myself yesterday and I guess I believe it to be true:  I am a difficult person to discourage.  I usually try to stay as optimistic as I can!
  • To those on the opposite end: does the world really need more negativity?
  • Still praying through educational options for our kids.  Should have more resolution by the end of March.
  • I enjoyed working with Lexi on her math homework.  We endured some mutual frustration and persevered to the point I am confident she will do a great job on today’s test.


  • Romans 12:21: Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
  • If you have good communication skills, your marriage is on the right track.  If not, be ready to forgive – a lot!
  • Soon and very soon, we’re going to see the King! No more dying there.


  • It was fun to play offertory with Lexi yesterday.  Sure it wasn’t the greatest musical piece ever, but I appreciated how she worked hard on it, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to glorify God together with our abilities!
  • Here’s a song that’s really been on my mind a lot lately: Train Station by the Gray Havens. Who’s paying your fees?


  • If Tim Tebow were not a Christian, he would mean nothing to the media.  He is average at what he does, he has amazing character, and he believes in Jesus.  Seems like they’re just waiting for him to fall.
  • The college tourney should be interesting this year.  Is Gonzaga really the #1 team this week?  Gonzaga?  Wow.
  • Personal: I’m looking forward to trying to run a 5K on the first weekend of May.  Target time: 19:00 or better.

Have a great week everyone!

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