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Monday Links and Bullets 3.26.12

Another week gone by. Another Monday has come. Here are some good links to check out this week, followed below by some of my own bullet thoughts.

Good article on the position of atheists.

15 reasons to stay in church

I wish there was more stories like this.

Is this necessary in prison?

Leading adult children back to Christ

For parents of teens: empower them!

Great article about Tebow.

Bible contradiction? No!

Great thoughts about getting justice.


–Got a chance to hang out with my wife on my day off. Not often she’s home on a Monday. Very enjoyable to spend some time out and about.

–Ohio State to the Final Four ey? Go Bucks!

–Enjoyed hearing sincere testimonies in church yesterday.

–These next couple weeks are definitely going to be busy ones. No doubt I’m excited about it, and excited for what God is doing!

–How are you planning to focus spiritually for the upcoming celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Parents, how will you lead your family during this special time?

–It finally feels like March. Hooray!

–Never underestimate the power of Ibuprofen to help with respiratory bugs. Anti-inflammatories have been a decent help to me with minor breathing troubles.

–This summer is definitely FULL!

–What an amazing time at Breakout 2012. The theme and challenges were excellent. How anyone could walk away from that conference indifferent to Christ is truly beyond me.

Have a great week everyone!

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