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Monday Links and Bullets 3.25.13

Last Monday post of March? Wow.  Good thing it’s snowing. More on that below in my weekly round-up of thoughts (bullets).  First, a bunch of articles I found challenging (links).  Enjoy!

Weekly Links

Link(s) of the week

I find the gay marriage debate to be very difficult.  Here are two articles that challenge me this week.  First, if you are for gay marriage, please read the fine print. Second, for churches, here is a letter from a lesbian that speaks well to the very personal issues involved in this topic.

Christian Faith

Expect more from preaching.

A few somewhat Christian, somewhat general articles:

MARRIAGE: How to handle money in marriage. This is something both husband and wife should read.

PARENTING TEENS: It starts early.  This is a good article for ALL parents.

MARCH MADNESS: Why pursuing glory captivates us.

POLITICS: The U.S. Government is involved in a Christian issue in Iran.  Here’s a recent update on a very difficult situation.


Personal Ramblings

  • Yes, I enjoyed the snow this morning.  It’s exactly what God had intended for us.  And, to be honest, I really can’t stand it when people complain about the weather.  It doesn’t mean I love the weather every time, but I really think complaining about it is a waste of energy.
  • On that note, I’m glad Akron went to school today.  I was hoping for a snow day so I could enjoy some extra time for the kids.  But, there was no reason to cancel school, so the lesson learned was: buck up and go do your best, even if other districts had the day off.
  • Last week seemed like a time warp.  A few days at Spring Training in Arizona were full of rest, enjoyment, and the truth of Jesus.


  • Wow, this is an exciting week.  God has acted in specific ways throughout history, and during “Passion Week” we explore the intentional acts of Jesus (and those committed against Jesus) which display God’s glory at its fullest.  I hope (wherever you live) you carve out extra time to be a part of special services your church may be having.
  • Here is a thought I shared via Twitter this morning.  It’s something I’ve run across quite a bit recently: Don’t expect from humans what you can only get from God.  This seems simple on its surface, but as you consider it more, it challenges you.  What do you expect from people in your life that should only come from God?


  • College basketball is definitely fun during the tournament.  Highlight of the weekend had to be Aaron Craft’s shot.  Big time! (Especially after how lousy he was in the 2nd half).  And for those still complaining about the charge, there is NO WAY it can be said with certainly it cost Iowa State the game.
  • The Yankees look like a ticking time bomb.  As this spring progresses and injuries get worse, I am starting to wonder if they are in for the kind of season Boston had last year.  The Yankees may be scratching to win 75 games this year at this point.
  • I read they’re paying $13 million for Vernon Wells.  They might as well pay $13 million for David Wells.  David Wells can probably hit better than Vernon Wells at this point.  What excites me most is that the Joba Chamberlain for Mike Olt or Elvis Andrus rumos won’t go away.  I’d be down with that!
  • I’m going to go outside the box here: I think the Browns will take a QB in this year’s draft.  Somehow, some way, they will draft someone to compete with Weeden.

Have a great week everyone!

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