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Monday Links and Bullets 3.14.11

Happy Monday.  Lots of links and bullets.  Lots going on!


Amazing photos of the heartbreak in Japan.  Don’t look at these for entertainment – look at them to identify and learn how to suffer with the Japanese who are suffering.


–Big dust-up about hell over Rob Bell’s new book.  Two related links from Tim Challies:  what I’d have to deny to deny hell exists, and a review of Bell’s book.  Think about this stuff folks.  It really does matter.

–For those who do struggle or have struggled with depression:  are you willing to answer these five questions? Also, here are 25 ways to find joy in Christ.  Mental health is important!

Nobody gets married anymore.

–Some reading about God & creation:  Lab Discoveries and evidence for God.

–An inspiring story from Christian history:  a Christian kidnapper.

–Very interesting – a gay person warns readers about the liberal agenda.


  • Does anyone else wonder where the time goes?
  • Where are the lines between unity and doctrinal disagreement?
  • Working hard to make sure family gets enough of my time, from the top, not just the leftovers.
  • Realize this:  there is almost always a problem of some sort when you work for a church.  Almost always.  No complaining here, just a bit of reality for both those who do and those who don’t work for a church.
  • I am on track with training for this year.  Huge half marathon coming up on May 7 in Indianapolis.  Then I’ll ramp up the miles and try to qualify for the Boston Marathon this fall at the Columbus Marathon in October.  Going to take a lot of hard work, but hey – you can’t achieve much of anything sitting around.
  • I’m glad the days are longer, I just want my hour of sleep back.
  • Goss basketball has lost 22 in a row.  Will the streak come to an end tonight against the team whose only win was a close one against us?
  • I have been struggling on recent Mondays because a lot of things have come up.  Today has been very good – I’ve done a lot of reading, played with the kids, and gotten a few things done around the house.  Yes!


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