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Monday Links and Bullets 4.18.11

I surf.  You get things to read.  Enjoy!  Here are THIS WEEK’S LINKS:


–A balanced  response for what to do when Christians sin.

OTHER LINKS (sorry not too many this week)

–This type of article is why I read this guy’s blog.

–Christianity should be lived in community.  Man this was a good read.

–From across the pond:  The U.S. is still divided 150 years after the Civil War.  Interesting to see the BBC’s take.

–An unbelievable position for the Chinese government to take.

What sin desires.

I’ll be by on Friday with some comments on the highest clicked link of the week.


  • Working to rectify a tax situation with the City of Akron.  Praying we don’t get stung on this!
  • If you were in the original Palm Sunday crowd, what would your perspective have been on who Jesus was?
  • Why is it so cold still in April?
  • Looks like the Red Sox are finally starting to play some baseball.  Kinda like the start of the Heat’s season – fun while it lasted, but they will definitely be good.
  • The Indians are a nice surprise, ey?
  • Is Jesus enough to stir us, collectively, or do we need add-ons?  Is the Gospel enough to satisfy our desires?
  • The finger healing is still making progress.  Week by week.  Exciting.
  • Pain management in the final stages of training for a race is no fun.  I’m hoping the body will shape up nicely for the race coming up in less than three weeks.  Perhaps as the mileage decreases the body will heal.

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