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Monday Links and Bullets 2.6.12

It’s February already.  And it’s another Monday.  Enjoy some great reading and some of my bullet thoughts below.



Here are some challenging quotes from a message I heard last week.  These speak much.

Here’s a link to the entire message. This guy talks fast but this is well worth the while to listen to.

–Here are five practical ways men can lead their wives.

–Here was my take from last week and some thoughts I put together on the topic.


–We were NOT created to be independent.

Is homosexuality the worst sin?

–If you’re a believer, do you think this way?

–Some quick advice on how to parent teens. I agree wholeheartedly with the concepts in this article.


This could be good.

–Girl Scout cookies – not as simple as you think.

How many hits a day do you think YouTube gets?


  • Why do people think that a place is defined by the bad things they hear about it?
  • Great Super Bowl, great ending.  How different would the ending strategy have been if Brady hadn’t gotten the safety called in the first half? Hmmmm…..
  • Will we ever see someone NOT trying to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl again, especially trailing late in the fourth quarter?
  • This has been one frustrating Monday.  Here’s hoping it improves!
  • I am praying hard that my mind will continue to expand and more room will be created to worship Jesus and believe the things He can do!
  • Is there something you think Jesus can’t do?
  • Small thing here, but I’m getting excited about baseball season.
  • It’s been good to get outdoors and start running some more.  I’m looking forward to a race three months from now.
  • Does anyone really care about the Jimmy Dimora trial?
  • A nearly two week fiasco with my phone is finally over.  I’m glad when long frustrations are resolved.
  • If the disciples created a God who would pacify their fear of nature, why were they still terrified in Jesus’ presence after the storm was calmed (end of Mark chapter 4).

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