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Monday Links and Bullets 2.27.12

Here are a few articles too feed your mind and challenge you.  I love to share things that I find interesting.  Enjoy!  I have included some bullet thoughts below:



Seven marks of humility – a very good challenge as something to grow toward.


Building sons into men.

President Obama’s Christianity.

–Important things to know about ministries on college campuses.


–Would you have guessed this process for BP would take this long?

They booed their president.


One billion of . . . 


  • Had quite an experience being gone last week with a good friend for a couple days.
  • Apparently there was a school shooting today in Chardon, about 75 minutes from here.  Terrible.  The best thing I heard in coverage so far is this: Is there anywhere we know we can be safe if someone is bent on doing harm?
  • How do I think about Jesus?  More and more I am convinced Jesus is NOT a pill to make me feel better.  He CAN heal me and rewire the way I think.  He CAN do that for us.
  • So much in these times we are in desperate need of God’s wisdom.  I pray for it for parenting, for leading a church, and for all those I know – may we cry out for God’s wisdom! (Prov. 2)
  • While I was out of town a couple days there was a double fatality accident just a couple blocks from our home.  I did not know either of the men killed, but I am praying for those in our community who have been impacted by these deaths.  I hate it when people suffer.
  • Quick update on our adoption process: Summit County Children’s Services has permanent custody of our foster daughter.  The adoption process should take six months or less, depending on court dates and scheduling.  We are very hopeful we will be able to adopt her at this point.  All prayers have been and will be appreciated!
  • How much of our lives are about events coming up vs. the excitement of living in the now.  Most of our life is lived in the now and does NOT revolve around special events – how does that affect how we live?

Have a great Monday everyone!



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