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Monday Links and Bullets 2.21.11

Almost didn’t make it today.  Here goes:


–Two links on tolerance: 1) as the supreme virtue 2) why it’s intolerant


–Should accountability groups shift their focus?

Don’t be offended when non-Christians mock you

How to pray for Egypt

How the Bible gets mis-interpreted.


  • After plunging and snaking at least once a week for a year, we finally replaced our toilet.  Not big news to you, but a huge deal to me.  There has been nothing more frustrating for me in the past several months than messing with this thing, and it’s now over.
  • Looking forward to a week of opportunity.
  • Praying for friends facing surgery this week.
  • Praying for many people sick and struggling at church.
  • Praying for the Holy Spirit to grip our hearts as a family and as a church.
  • On the improvements front, our internet is finally functioning again.  Another big relief.
  • The Yankees as underdogs this year?  Wow.  That’s an expensive $200 million underdog.
  • Tomorrow could be a huge day – praying it goes well.
  • So glad to have good friends.
  • There are times when I feel so selfish.  I really wish I could reduce the times when I’m blinded by frustration.
  • Hoping for a relaxing Monday next week.  Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve had one.
  • Praying tonight for good friends who will soon face losing a wonderful husband and father figure to cancer.  At this point, I am praying the Lord will take him home.


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