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Monday Links and Bullets 2.20.12

Enjoy some good articles and some bullet thoughts of my own below.


–A great concept FOR MARRIED PEOPLE: Do you FEEL love?


–A good article about films not being sermons.

20 ways Satan will try to destroy you this week.

–For anyone in any kind of spiritual leadership – this is excellent stuff to think about.

–Wondering how the gospel relates to homosexuality?  One link provides MANY resources.

MYSTERY LINK (Click to find out!)

For this guy, the answer is: months!


10 Questions the Indians need to answer.  Good article.


  • Man is it frustrating when you’re just not feeling 100%.  Hoping to turn the corner north of about 75% today and tomorrow.
  • Anything we take to God for our justification besides Jesus is worthless.
  • As we got into yesterday morning and evening, it’s the grace of God that inspires our obedience (Titus 2)
  • Are you more dependent or less dependent on God?  The more independent we feel, the more dangerous it is for us spiritually.  Self-sufficiency is a terrible thing to think we have!
  • Anxiety is only a chance for us to trust God more.
  • You can go over on the Price Is Right and lose.  You can never go over the amount of grace God can extend to you.
  • Prayer is growing and growing as a necessity in my life.  For you?
  • I am definitely excited about this year’s Yankees team.  There are a lot of unknowns regarding who will step up and do what.  And A.J. Burnett is gone – how can I be un-excited about that?  I do predict he will have a sub 4.00 ERA in Pittsburgh and throw 190 innings or more.
  • Have you ever stopped and thought about how fast things are changing?  It seems like smartphones are so commonplace now, but only 5 years ago news of the first iPhone was just starting to gain traction.  Man it’s incredible how much technology does for us.

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