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Monday Links and Bullets 12.5.11

December is here.  Enjoy some good links in the midst of all the craziness.  Bullet thoughts for the week below.



An economic boost for Ethiopia.  This is something everyone can participate in!


Frosty rumbles.


A good blog entry about Herman Cain.

The devil’s playbook.


This music video is real.  It’s all jelly beans.

–Here is how the music video above was made.  Incredible.

Musicians make more money giving music away than selling on iTunes.  A fascinating thing to think about.


–Church catches thieves . . . using a baby monitor!

–THE WORLD: AIDS plan working in South Africa?  Also, is the best punishment to marry your rapist?

–Continental breakfast at a hotel is great . . . especially when you don’t even stay at the hotel??


  • Definitely an active day at church yesterday.  Exciting, but as always, in need of wisdom!
  • It is really fun for me to see how much our son David likes to watch football.  It doesn’t matter who’s playing, he usually will pick a team and watch.
  • Football #1: why are people so frustrated with the Browns?  They have no legitimate offensive weapons down the field.  I’ve watched several NFL games and the teams who win know how to strike down the field.  The Browns don’t (can’t) do this, so it makes them easier to defend.  Draft or sign a couple weapons and this offense looks much different – even with McCoy as QB.
  • Football #2: no one outside the SEC will even care about the BCS championship this year.  There is no way Alabama should get a shot.  LSU should have to beat someone outside their conference in the championship game.  And a team that actually won their conference should have a shot.  Ridiculous.
  • It is always an important question to ask what your relationship with God is based on.  The real Biblical answer is that it should be founded upon the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.  Growth occurs once this truth is in place.
  • Do you have plans to show the love of Christ to someone this Advent season?
  • I am getting excited about an opportunity our church has to participate in a homeless ministry.
  • Do something this week to strengthen your marriage.  It will not strengthen itself.  Give your spouse some reassuring encouragement that you love them, or come up with a unique way to communicate your love!
  • Does your purpose as a Christian spill over from worship opportunities?  Or does it solely consist of attending worship opportunities?
  • Our foster daughter is definitely showing her stubborn side.  Grrr.  But we love having her here!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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