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Monday Links and Bullets 12.20.10

Another Monday.  Another slew of links and bullet thoughts.  Here we go . . .


–Christmas is a tough time to be a real Christian.  This is a good read.


–Things to think about regarding the Christmas story.  Very short, very informative.

–Challenging article about pastoral narcissism.

Will “Ark Project” in Kentucky violate anti-discrimination laws? If you know nothing of this, it is an interesting set of developments and this is one piece of commentary.

Evolution doesn’t fit the evidence.


How to destroy your child’s imagination.  Looks like a good read.

–You just never know how a baby will turn out, do you?


–A short read on Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and Time person of the year.  This points out how quickly our world is changing, and offers a few points as to why.

Ever wonder how they de-ice planes?


  • Ever get tired of people getting on the interstate at 45 m.p.h.?  Seems like it happens a lot.  Use the accelerator people, it’s the skinny one on the right!
  • There is a ton of sickness (nasty stomach virus type nastiness) going around.  I am praying hard for people who have it, and I am praying hard I don’t get it – especially this week!
  • Awesome time at our Christmas Variety Night last night.  Fun service.
  • If you’re thinking about reading through the Bible in 2011, maybe now is the time to discuss it.
  • I’m glad the Browns have lost the last two.  As good as they looked earlier in the year, it’s now revealing that their coaching just can’t compete as the year goes on.  Adjust, people!
  • Speaking of football, there was an epic collapse in New York (okay, NJ) yesterday.  Philly came back from 21 down and beat the Giants on a punt return with no time left.  Not sure the Browns could even lose a game like that.
  • Have a great Christmas.  If you’re only celebrating it to feel good, that feeling will collapse soon.  If you’re celebrating it because you love Jesus, your love for Him will sustain you for the rest of your life.

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