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Monday Links and Bullets 12.19.11

Here are this week’s links and bullets.  Some good reading a few short videos in the links.  Bullet thoughts below. Enjoy!



–I was really happy with the way our church Christmas Video turned out this year.  It’s a challenging thought.  Thanks to everyone who participated to pull this off.


16 Daddy tips for Christmas.

–It is worth a few minutes to see this video.  It answers a very popular argument in favor of gay marriage.

–How much should Christians give?  Great read here.

–Parents – do you take your role seriously for Christmas?

–Tebow has been great for stirring the conversation about Christianity.  This short video has a bit of fun with those who’ve had things to say about him.


–Sports: Good read here on why the Browns’ handling of McCoy matters.

–Africa: Youths helping to end violence in Zimbabwe.

–Norway tragedy: a strange definition of insanity – this is really worth your while.

–Guns ‘N Roses bass player:  a real wake up call.


  • Other people really inspire me (in good ways) sometimes.
  • I’ve probably said this before, but I am really thankful for good friends.
  • Definitely in need of a slower pace. I am hoping this week will provide it.
  • Our son David was not feeling great this morning and WANTED to go to school.  They haven’t called us yet!
  • I am hoping you will think about doing something that goes against culture this advent.
  • Struggling with this one:  how do we view people who have wealth?
  • Are you planning things in your home that point to Jesus during this Christmas season?
  • I am praying that God will work this Christmas, showing His greatness above everything culture tends to make it.
  • If you know someone who has recently lost a loved one, do something this week to lift them up.  It may seem weird to do, but it may mean the world to them.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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