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Monday Links and Bullets 12.12.11

Here are this week’s links and bullets.



PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE.  THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ARTICLES I’VE READ ALL YEAR.  While from a Christian perspective, it reveals a lot of the things going on with the issue of homosexuality.  The stakes are clearly defined here.


You may not be totally interested in a continent half a world away we generally know little about, but reading an article or two can increase your perspective.

Kenyan reforms.  Interesting.

Farming, future, and economy in Ghana.

Gay rights is a big issue in Africa (Beware there is a picture on this page of two men kissing.  I know, not the greatest, but if you can read around it the article is informative.)

Apple’s products contribute to one of the most horrific wars in the history of the planet.


–A good read about why we need Jesus.

No one wants to be led.  Think about this one.


This story still captivates me.  Don’t know why.  This tells about the potential for an Amanda Knox book deal.


  • Heard this morning that a significant number of Americans are still paying off last Christmas.  Take it easy people.
  • If you have a relationship you think will be enhanced by giving someone a gift, it’s a shallow relationship.
  • Our foster daughter situation seems like it’s only getting more challenging.  Praying like crazy.
  • If you believe in Jesus, is it something that brings you a deep joy that lies deeper at your foundation than your emotions do?
  • Would you rather read the Bible or the Target ad?
  • I am looking forward to attending a conference in January.
  • I had a great Friday night and Saturday at camp with some of our teen guys from church.
  • I am excited to see lives changing.  Praying for more.
  • I am praying for several difficult situations going on.  Hard circumstances seem to come right along side good things happening.
  • This coming Sunday is our church’s variety night Christmas celebration.  For some reason it is an interesting night and I love being a part of it.
  • Get excited (and if you have kids, get them excited) about giving someone something this Christmas.
  • Have a great week everyone!


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