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Monday Links and Bullets 12.10.12

Another Monday, more articles to share.  And as usual, my weekly set of thoughts about . . . whatever.  On to the links and bullets!


Link of the Week:

I went on a rant last Wednesday about this, then saw this post a couple days later.  This really affirms what I’m thinking and how culture perceives pregnancy.

The Christian Faith:

Here’s a good article to anyone who’s hurting this Christmas.  I know plenty.  If you know any . . . please pass this on!

Here’s a good short encouragement to be in the Word!

This Christmas, God is mighty.  A very short read, but very powerful.


Unfortunate lessons girls learn from Twilight movies. I have not watched one of these.  Does anyone agree with this list?  I’d be curious.

Encouraging news about some manufacturing coming to the U.S.



  • There really IS hope in Jesus Christ.  We can pray in faith that our prayers will be heard and answered.
  • You really CAN have peace with God and with others through forgiveness.
  • I desire that people have both of these!
  • It’s been an up and down season.  I’ll be along later in the week with some thoughts about how I respond when I’m down.


  • This is a huge stretch (and for the record I don’t think it will happen), but the Browns can make the playoffs by winning the rest of their games and getting some help.  Just haven’t been able to say that in too many Decembers.  This Sunday’s game should be exciting for sure.
  • I still think the Browns’ coach should be fired and the GM should stay.  If the team wins the last three games, I’d say keep the coach.
  • I know I have friends that do, but I really don’t care about the NHL.  For that matter, I really don’t care about athletes and owner fighting about the kind of money that most citizens simply can’t comprehend.


  • I really think Grandma Shearer’s regular, rippled chips are the best available.  The kettle cooked are sweet too.
  • The Shark Tank is a good show on ABC.  Sounds crazy saying ABC has a good show on it, but it’s worth a watch.  I’m fascinated by people sharing their dreams and their passion and businesses they’ve started, then trying to convince rich people to fund what they’re doing.
  • This is a time of year when I am praying for those who have lost loved ones.  It can definitely be a difficult time.
  • Who can you bless this Christmas time?  Someone you haven’t thought much about? An enemy? Someone who really sacrifices for you throughout the year?

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