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Monday Links and Bullets 11.5.12

Today is an exciting day.  This week is the 3RD ANNIVERSARY! of my blog and I’m excited about that.  So excited my wife and I are giving away . . .

An IPAD.  Yup, you got it.  Third generation, refurbished, full warranty from apple.  Ready to go to the winner.  You may ask: How do I win?

You’ll have to spend about a half hour completing a quiz and get 15 of 20 right, but you can do it!   Click here for the quiz.  Last year was a 1 in 8 chance to win, so don’t assume someone else will win.  Might as well be you!

Now, for this week’s links and bullets:



–An overlooked doctrine in Christianity.  Here are some practical applications of God being creator.


–Simply a good, short article.

Parenting on election day.  Good thoughts here.

This is the kind of stuff that is killing our nation.  Stop calling me crazy!

–No condemnation is true.  It must live side by side with conviction.


What percentage of Facebook friends do teens actually know? Or what percentage have they met?  Wow.


  • It’s true.  I ran 50 miles Saturday.  Hard to believe it’s over.  I really appreciate the support and encouragement.  Full blog post coming tomorrow or Wednesday.
  • When I am gone, I really miss being at our church.
  • I’m praying hard for the workers in the Northeast.  What a task they have.  The level of income of the residents does not change my level of compassion – tough stuff!
  • Are you trying to earn your way into heaven? Or will you trust that what Jesus did for you is enough?
  • The new Browns owner should fire the head coach immediately.  Shurmur is just overwhelmed as an NFL head coach.  He is a significant reason (not the ONLY) reason they lost.  When you can say that multiple times for multiple losses, it’s time.
  • Have a great week everyone.  Live so that Jesus will be glorified in you!


  1. Sarah Klingler says:

    Thanks for the link to “Parenting on Election Day.” Many good tips and reminders that we as Christian parents are to be respectful of whomever wins tomorrow and are to teach our children more about who is ULTIMATELY in charge.

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