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Monday Links and Bullets 11.26.12

Weekly bullet thoughts below, but not before this week’s articles for your enjoyment and challenge.



–I’ve always argued that sex before marriage makes commitment more difficult. Here’s a great article explaining why.


–With Thanksgiving past and Christmas coming, here is a really good article to think about difficulties in your family at holiday time.  Russel Moore usually tells it like it is.  This article is no exception.

–Biblical womanhood really gets a bad name sometimes.  Here’s what it really teaches.


–It’s been a while since I’ve had a mystery link, but you won’t regret clicking to see: What would you do if you found THIS on your toilet?


Would you take this attitude with a robber?

–Ever wonder what fair trade really does for world farmers?  This article gives some good answers.


  • I posted quick last night on FB about not wanting another warm winter.  For me it is part of the reason I currently like living in Ohio.  I like to brave the difficult elements (in all seasons) and I really enjoy the changing seasons.  But when it feels like spring all winter, I don’t enjoy spring as much.  I definitely want at least one 6-12″ snowfall this year.
  • Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful few days of rest and simply enjoying some time off.  As I reflect, I am truly grateful for so many things.  May I NEVER take anything for granted. God has blessed immensely.
  • So the Browns won.  And they beat the Steelers. Here’s my observation:  the Browns really do have a good defense.  No doubt about that. The offense is getting there and Trent Richardson is really good.  They are cut from the type of cloth that the Ravens have been – rely on the D and have a steady offense with a stud or two.
  • Anyone else think the beginning of Romans 5 is really tough? It’s so challenging – I’d rather just have the easy way, but that’s never the way to growth!
  • Do you ever get in a season where unexpected bills just keep coming?  Ahhhh!  Seems like about six months between cars and appliances.  This can stop ANYTIME!
  • I would trade some specific wisdom for anything I own right now. Ever feel that way?  It is frustrating not being able to see some things.
  • December this weekend.  Long time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.
  • CHALLENGE: Are you more attracted to public and private prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and witnessing?

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Good stuff!

  2. Patty Burkholder says:

    Okay, since your poor old mom nearly collapsed when she clicked on the mystery link, you are going to have to explain it to her because she can’t go back there to read about it, thank you very much. A disclaimer or warning for the faint of heart MIGHT have been a good idea.

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