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Monday Links and Bullets 11.21.11

Another Monday means another set of links I’ve gathered throughout the past week, with some bullet thoughts below.    I’ll be back Friday with the most clicked link of the week and a few thoughts.  Wednesdays I usually write an “On My Mind” piece.  You can read all past articles by clicking the categories on the side.



This is a 14 minute video worth watching.  Enough said.


Realities about teen porn consumption and how to help.

Realities about 7th-12th graders and sexual harassment.


What forgiveness is, what it isn’t.

–Is God a moral monster? Good theological tidbit here.


The face of modern slavery.

–Outcry about the use of pepper spray on a US campus.

–Tsunami recovery: pictures from the air.

I hate things like this.

The Red Sox are going from bad to worse in their front office?

Crazy story about what’s legal somewhere else.


  • I will be interested to see how the Browns play on the road this week against a Bengals team they almost beat.  I think 17-13 will be the final either way.  Certainly a thrilling win yesterday – gotta take those!
  • It’s weird trying to discipline our foster daughter.  You take a stern tone with her and she just smiles at you like she’s so cute.
  • Is there room in your life to minister to those who are sick with sin?  Is there room in your heart, your calendar, and your pocketbook to reach out to people who may not find inclusion in other places?
  • Isaiah 42:1-9 made for a great study last night.  It is God’s glory to take broken people and repair them.
  • I am thrilled to hear our youth and youth leaders had an outstanding retreat this past weekend.  I am praying for the lessons learned to find deep roots and bring about great change for those involved!
  • I’m excited for some special opportunities for ministry this week.
  • There is deep satisfaction in taking problems before God.  He WILL help you see through them.  While it can be helpful, it doesn’t always take another person to be involved with your problem.
  • Go Bucks!  This season has been terrible.  The least they can do is beat Michigan!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Jacob’s story is crazy. A reminder that the worlds I try to ignore still exist.

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