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Monday Links and Bullets 11.19.12

As usual, some articles I found interesting.  Then, a few of my own thoughts (bullet thoughts) below:



Questions wives should not ask their husbands (written by a woman).


Why porn is addictive.  Good info.  Link includes a free e-book.

Tried and true discipline — spiritual discipline.

–You probably don’t think about John the Baptist much.  But, this is a great article about him.

–Do you think about what TV does in your family life? This will help you think, even if you don’t agree with everything here.


–AFRICA: A good read about how microfinance gets used.

–ADDICTION: An article about how prescription drug abuse starts.


  • It’s been a little over two weeks since I ran my 50 miler.  I have no motivation to do much of anything running wise and I am strongly considering a year off of competitive training and racing.
  • The Browns really are terrible.  Next year.  We always say next year.
  • Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving?  If you’re not because you dislike the people you’ll be around, I am praying for you!
  • I mentioned to someone yesterday it is definitely a season of upheaval in life.  Not bad upheaval, things are just changing.  Good to be aware of, and ready to see how God will continue to lead and guide.
  • Following baseball in the offseason tells you as much about the sport as the season itself does.  The strategies teams employ in the offseason are incredibly fascinating.
  • I’ve really been struggling with a verse in the New Testament that commands Christians to be obedient to their leaders.  It strikes fear in me and I sometimes feel inadequate.
  • God is revealing (constantly) my need for more wisdom.  I would like to be able to perceive some things better.
  • Thankful for: God moving in ministry, God moving in our family, abundant provision, outstanding friends and supportive church family.

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