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Monday Links and Bullets 10.31.11

It’s an exciting day.  Here are this week’s links for you to read.  Hope you find something worth while here!



–Ever wonder about the Amish?  This book review gives some good insight and good things to think about.


–Nice story here about Latinos and evangelical churches.

Five signs of declining church health.

Seven reasons why Halloween judgment houses miss the mark.  This made me think, although I am not sure I agree with all of this.

–This is a great read about why Old Testament passages really are quoted properly in the New Testament.  It’s a quick read, but I found it very helpful.

REALLY CREATIVE VIDEO.  Watch it.  It takes just a couple minutes.


  • I learned something last night I had never heard before.  It was about the Jews and their expectations of the Messiah.  Josh McDowell said that the Jews anticipated two different Messiahs, coming at different times.  Jesus came and showed them it was supposed to be one Messiah, coming twice.  I always just thought their was confusion on the Messiah in general, never knew it was a firm belief there would be two messiahs.
  • Fairly busy for a Monday, but I’m looking forward to the day.
  • The Browns, in my opinion, do not have a professional level offense.  I don’t think it’s McCoy.  I think it’s more coaching than it is the QB.
  • I’ve been really challenged to think outside the box on how to spend free time.
  • I’m looking forward to a couple warmer days.  High 50’s in November – I’ll take it!  And for the record, it’s time to set your expectations for the weather a little lower.  That time of year.
  • I’m praying hard for a friend who’s facing a difficult situation with his family and the loss of a loved one.
  • I’m praying hard for a family connected to our church grieving the loss of their mother.
  • I’m praying that for men, women, and children, we will be strengthened in our identity in Jesus Christ.
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