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Monday Links and Bullets 10.29.12 – ON TUESDAY!

Had a few things going on yesterday (wink wink), so here are Monday’s links and bullets – on TUESDAY!



A great article on Christians and Halloween.  Really, this is a challenge read about why all the horror seems to be so appealing to people.  This will at least challenge you to think!


–WOMEN: What happens when a gospel reminder is needed?  Hope this challenges you.

–DISCIPLESHIP: Why it’s necessary.  Also, a good article about the grunt work of the gospel.

–EVANGELISM: Are you choking on Jesus’ name?


–Some interesting information about young people and how connected they are.


  • Absolutely overwhelmed by the process and celebration of Jocelyn’s adoption yesterday.  More on that tomorrow or Thursday.
  • The big race is this week.  Holy moly it’s exciting to think about trying to run 50 miles this week!
  • That’s about all the excitement I can take for the week – got a few things to tie up at church and looking forward to a good trip.
  • I am convinced that telling the Word of God is always a GREAT way to go.
  • I was happy the Giants won the World Series.  They have a great way of playing baseball, emphasizing a lot of pitching and defense.
  • The Browns won.  I don’t care if the score is 3-2, I think a win is a win is a win – ESPECIALLY considering it’s the Browns.  They have now beaten two teams considered to be fairly good.
  • A power outage does NOT constitute something to complain about on Facebook – we would do well to remember the people going days (not hours) without power.
  • I will be looking forward to better weather.  I always try to receive whatever weather God thinks we need, but this has been tough!

3rd Anniversary iPad give-away:

Coming up soon is the third anniversary of writing my blog. I have a lot of fun writing this and I get encouraged when folks share with me how they are challenged. On Monday, November 4 I will post the rules for the iPad giveaway contest. The last two years I’ve given away an iPad (with my wife’s full support!) on the anniversary of the blog and we’d love to do it again.

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